This step by step list will guide you through the setup process from start to finish. Please feel free to submit your thoughts and opinions at the bottom of this page to help other teachers and administrators with this process.


1. Contact superintendent or school principal & support staff

2. Identify teacher/staff coordinators

3. Attend teacher/staff training & facilitation

4. Identify student company members/ establish company/ logo/ name

5. Establish method of management & roles of students

     Recruit and develop business/community support network

6. Establish company operations plan & implement use of technology
      Contact partner school
      Agree communication - process/frequency/reporting/feedback methods

7. Start to identify product sources/ranges/volumes for export

     Arrange video conference with partner school for introduction & product proposal

8. Advise partner school on market research & findings

9. Agree & undertake production import/export operations

10. Achieve sales (Repeat)

11. Receive & make payments

12. Prepare company annual report

13. Evaluate program

Do you have any comments, questions, thoughts or ideas relating to this list? If so please fill out the form below.






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