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Students in middle and high schools form and manage school based import/export companies. They start by forming a company, selecting managers, selling stock, and delegating responsibilities.

Once they get companies up and running, Achievers students learn numerous real-world skills as they negotiate the challenges of the global marketplace. They learn about e-commerce, foreign currency exchange, product research and development, marketing, shipping, and the all important need to balance the bottom line.

Throughout the year the student entrepreneurs hold business meetings, meet deadlines, and deal with the problems, risks and rewards of running an international business.

Technology and Global Achievers

The Global Achievers program is structured around cutting-edge business technology. Students and teachers are challenged to communicate with partner schools using e-mail, the Internet, and *video conferencing, and to promote their products and activities by developing web and e-commerce sites on the internet.

Through video conferencing, the students are able to see their overseas neighbors and business partners. The excitement created by this exchange further promotes the ideals and possibilities contained within the Global Achievers program.
       *Video conferencing is made possible by Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical Systems (GSAMS) and
British Telecom (BT)

How can students benefit from Global Achievers?

  Students get a real world experience in this program.

  They get to know students in another country - and quickly learn how similar and how different they are.

  They learn how to run a business and how to make and manage money.

  They learn how important communication is and the need to communicate frequently, clearly and accurately.

  They learn teamwork and how to work with each other, parents and teachers, business mentors, and their international "customers."

  Leadership also surfaces in this program.

  They also learn about potential careers in business, international studies, foreign languages, and others.

  They also develop an increasing degree of self-confidence, poise, and self esteem from participating in Global Achievers.



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