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An example of LINK activities for schools matched with schools in Scotland.


What is the most famous building in Edinburgh, Scotland? Why? Describe.

What are the Highlands? What are the Highland Games? Where are they held in America?

What are clans? Why are they important in Scotland? Name some famous ones.

Look up "tartan" and find out why it is important. What word do most Americans use instead of "tartan"?

How is McIntosh of Coweta County, Georgia, connected with Scotland?

Where is Scotland? What is the size? Population?

What are the important products?

What is the United Kingdom? Why is it important to Scotland?

What is Braveheart? Why is it famous?

Where is Stirling Castle? What happened there? Who was the most famous person at Stirling?

Research Robert the Bruce and tell what he did to become famous. Find out where he lived and when.

Who was Robert Burns? Why is he famous? Where was he born? What is his most famous poem?

What is the Burns Cottage and where is the original? Where is a copy?

What is East Ayrshire? Where is Auchinlech? Where is Arran?

What is foot and mouth disease? When and why did it become so important to Scotland?

Research the history of golf. What are some famous courses in Scotland? How is it different from golf in the United States?

What is Ben Nevis? What is a "ben"? Why is Ben Nevis important?

What is thw Loch Ness Monster? Where is it located? What is a "loch"?

What is a tartan? What word do we use for this?-

What is the history of bagpipes and why are they important in Scotland?

What is Walker’s Shortbread? Where can you buy it?

Why is the thistle important? What is a thistle? Describe and illustrate a thistle.

What is the weather like in Scotland? What is the average rain fall and temperature?

What is different about the way the people drive in Scotland?

Who is the leader of Scotland? What kind of government do they have?

Who was Charles Rennie Macintosh and why was he important?

How is the language different in Scotland? Make a glossary of terms that need to be explained and give the meanings.

Name ten different places in Georgia that were named because of the Scottish connection.

Interview a person who is of Scottish ancestry. Find out about their background and why they came to Georgia.

Draw maps of the United Kingdom—both political and physical. What is the difference?

What is a "firth"? What is the famous one that borders on the southeastern part of Scotland which is Ayrshire? Why are firths important in Scotland? Locate the Firth of Clyde.

What is the "Brig o' Doon"? Why is it famous? Where is it located?

What is haggis? Describe how it is made.

What is the Burns Federation?

What is a Burns Supper? Why do people have the supper? When does it occur?



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