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Global Achievers' success is due to the collaboration and support of partners in the public and private sectors. We invite you to become a Global Achievers' Partner. Contact us to find out how you can get involved.


 • The Georgia Department of Education is administering funds allocated by the Georgia Legislature.
 • Video conferencing is made possible by Georgia Technology Authority and various other sources.

 • Guidance on economic education issues is provided by the Georgia Council on Economic Education.

 • The Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries provides resources on the history and culture of Georgia to be shared with international partners.

 • The Georgia business community has provided funding and in-kind support to develop and sustain the program for seven years.

 • The Callaway Foundation supported the program through a grant.

 • The University of West Georgia provides office space.


 • Achievers International - was our first international partner located in Ayr, Scotland

British Telecom
- gave support both to Achievers International in Scotland and Achievers International--Georgia from the beginning of the program

 • Scottish Enterprise - Scotland's main economic development agency provided assistance to Global Achievers for many years

 • Cuidad Tecnologica Valnalon - is our partner located in Langero, Spain, which is in the northwestern area



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