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Global Achievers fosters international education by matching high school classes with partners around the world, enabling them to meet and interact throughout the school year.

       Founded in 1995 as Achievers International-Georgia, Global Achievers is a Georgia-based non-profit corporation dedicated to providing a unique learning experience for students of all ages and nationalities.

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Griffin High students competing to travel to China

Upper school students gain business experience

   Students learn first-hand about the business world through the formation and management of school-based import/export companies. They form a student company, identify a product that would appeal to their international partners, and trade. The students not only learn business fundamentals but they also realize the value of clear communication and teamwork

Technology makes it possible

   The program is structured around cutting-edge technology. Students and teachers are challenged to communicate with partner schools using e-mail, the Internet, and video conferencing. They learn to promote their products and conduct their activities by developing web sites and e-commerce sites on the Internet, both important tools in today's marketplace.

   The need to inspire students is timeless. If you can help a student believe in himself and help him become excited about learning and passionate about his future, the world is full of possibilities. We believe that Global Achievers is the key to unlocking that world of possibilities.



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